Found! Quarter Sawn Maple – The La Forge Royale Miter Jack Project

I’ve been lame, lame, lame about posting lately.  There’s been much going on including our very stalled kitchen project.  But I have a ton to blog about so more frequent posting going forward.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a quick debrief on our trip to the Port Townsend Edensaw Lumber yard a couple of weekends ago.  Five of us went: Anne Briggs (, Ananda Dorje @a_dorje, Mike Lingenfelter (@mike.lingenfelter) and Glen Thompson ( Frankly, I’m a pig in mud when it comes to lumber yards in Seattle.  We have several really nice lumber yards and wood suppliers.  

But when I really want something special, I journey over to Port Townsend to Edensaw.  These guys cater to the boat building crowd so they have some special stuff.  For example, I was looking for some quarter sawn maple to make my miter jack and sure enough they had a nice 5″, 8′ long stick.

I also wanted a wide piece of maple for my leg vice chop upgrade to a Benchcrafted Crisscross.  They had a really nice 12″ 12/4 piece that I also took home.

Can’t wait to get to these projects as well as several others I have stacked up.

maple (1 of 1

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