Thinking about a mark/stamp for my work

Yes, I got the idea from Chrisand thought it was cool.  He had a stamp made of some dividers which has become his identifying mark.  I thought I’d come up with an identifying mark, perhaps of a tool I made.  I’ve made a dovetail saw and a panel gauge; so using those as a mark and then, perhaps, adding my blog handle to help make the stamp unique.  Here’s a couple for consideration:

Dovetail Saw
Panel Gauge
This gives a little bit of an idea of what it would look like.
Here it is with out the Logo.  Better?

Ever thought about doing this?  Any lessons learned?

Panel gauge complete

Arm is made of cherry and head is made of maple.  This was a Hand Tool School project and something I was missing.

There are a ton of mistakes here.   I’m still learning to not be so greedy with the plow plane.  Cuts that are too deep tend to blow out the sides.  The pencil holder needs fixing cuz the arm is too low to fully hold up the pencil and make it stable.  And I broke off a steel screw (that I think wasn’t really steel) that I used to pre-drive the holes for the brass screws in the head, etc. Oh and don’t polish the brass after its in the wood, it turns the wood grey.

One thing I did right was listen to Brian over at Galoototron regarding rounding out the bottom side of the arm to make it sit stable.  I used my chair maker’s scraper to make the shape on the bottom of the arm.

I think it was a fun project …