Bridge City Saw

Don’t know much about it, but the idea is cool!
“..the Jointmaker is that it is a hand-powered table saw that uses a Japanese saw blade mounted so that a table slides very precisely above it. The saw blade can be tilted in both directions and can be adjusted for depth. This simple flexibility allows it to make incredible things, from snug-fitting tenons to crazily precise miters.

As far as I can tell, it does everything a regular table saw does except for long rip cuts, which is why it is called the Jointmaker. Producing almost no noise and using no electrical power, it is quite a minimalist saw, but that’s the point.”

Bridge City Saw

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  1. I agree totally. While I am extremely lucky to have access to my husband’s woodshop I never had a miter saw. I recently had to purchase one when our contractor took a hike with out completing the job. It allows for really controlled cutting. I did my first trim work and, although not perfect, the results were great for a newbie.

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