Time to start the next project – Guild Build # 2 – The Flippin’ Potty Cabinet

While the finish on the TV table is drying, its time to think about the next project.

Now I know you all (both of you) have been wondering “whatever happened to that wall cabinet Marilyn was going to do”?  Well, it finally time.

So the wood I have for this is African mahogany. I’ve never worked with African mahogany and I’m kinda worried about how it will plane, chisel, etc.  We’ll see.

So why the nickname?? I was reading something a while ago (I can’t remember what) where Chris Schwarz was talking about building a wall cabinet over the toilet and he referred to it as the “flipping potty cabinet”.  So mine was also named.

Oh and this is a Wood Whisperer Guild Build Project.  I wanted to work along, but other things got in the way.

So here we go!

PDF for my reference

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