I get better at sharpening .. and my dovetails get better

I’m getting better at sharpening and consequently getting better at my dovetails.  Less pull out and smoother surfaces for the joints to connect on.

I also got a new tool (jeweler’s saw) to help me speed things along (I’m soooooo slow).  Lack of shop time, a full time job and still pretty much doing most things for the first time makes for lots of time needed to complete a project.  But hey, whose in hurry, anyway?

Oh, and what’s with the pink tape?  Wellll .. I thought you’d never ask.  I’m off to a wood working class soon and bringing my own tools.  The pink tape serves two purposes:

1. I can see across the room where my tools are if someones using them.  It’ll help me keep track of them.
2. I’ve heard that most men won’t touch pink tools.  It’ll be fun to see if its true.  : D

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