Dovetail saw making class

This weekend I got the opportunity to go over to the Port Townsend School of Wood Working to make a dovetail saw with Mr. Wenzloff.  It was great fun.

Our kits came with all the parts.  Pre-cut handle, saw blade with teeth cut, saw nuts and the file to sharpen with.

The first task was to shape the handle with rasps after drawing on the desired shape.

Mine turned out pretty well, but you’ll probably notice what I call the “birth mark”.  Yes, Marilyn dropped her handle on the concrete right on the horn causing a crack in it.  When Mike and I tried to repair it, we pulled the fracture piece right out .. drat! 

Birth mark can be seen on the top horn here.

So now I have a birth mark on my pretty little dove tail saw and lots of fun memories.

More on sharpening in another post.

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