Cabinet Glue Up and Styles

Yippee!  I got the cabinet glued up.  That’s a big milestone.  I used some very slow setting epoxy and was really happy I did.  Lots of things to get in place on this one and I needed all the time I could get.

Then I started working on the board that I’ll be cut the styles from.  A lot times the planner makes a ribbed surface which is not so flat.  So I had to clean it up with my 50 degree planer blade to avoid tear out. 

It cleaned up nicely.  The African Mahogany is proving tricky to work with.  But using my high angle plane blade and a scraper plane, I’ve been able to get rid of almost all of the tear out.

I’ve also been checking the surface by spreading mineral spirits on it to see how it will finish and remove any problem areas.

So I cut my styles and made a styles sandwich with the fixing to remove the saw blade marks.

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