Final Pictures of the Wall Cabinet

14 thoughts on “Final Pictures of the Wall Cabinet”

  1. There is something about this that I find really striking. I like it.I think maybe it is the adaptation of traditional forms and techniques to fit a modern need.

  2. Lovely work, Marilyn! I've never used the African stuff. Does it darken significantly over time with an oil finish, too? Or is it just the South American stuff that does that?Now… about the use of outside oil on an inside cabinet.The OBVIOUS answer is that it is in a bathroom and thus subject to humidity changes and the outdoor finish is perfectly suited to handle the variances.But… it does make one wonder!

  3. Ethan, African stuff is prone to tear out and if you're using planes, can be a pain in the butt. I ended up sanding the final cabinet. I also know that this stuff will darken because it did while kicking around in my garage. Does one wonder because there was concern that our bathroom was outside?? If so, no, we all about indoor plumbing up here in the Pacific NW. LOL!Thanks all for the compliments! It was a fun project.

  4. Thanks so mush Aaron. It was your sketch up draawing that was the inspiration for the TP shot as well as a working functioning cabinet. Thanks so much for you work on it! 🙂

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