Silly me ..

I spent yesterday stooping over my bench working on my cabinet and by the end of day had a sore back.

This morning I decided to pull out the BOB (bench on bench).  Should have done that sooner!

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4 Responses to Silly me ..

  1. Rick Lasita says:

    Advil, and hindsight, are wonderful things 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    And this is the reason I built my joinery bench. If I have to set something up and take it down I won't use it. I'm just that lazy! Now I just turn around and use the other bench!What are you doing in that photo? I'm trying to figure out how you are using that fenced plane in the center of a board.

  3. I built a carving bench on bench for that exact reason, nothing fancy just some scrap 2×8 boards screwed together, but it sure saved my back a lot of pain.

  4. Yes, yes and yes to all those back saving devices!Shannon – I was measuring the cubbie slot for my plow plane .. not using it. I probably should have explained that.

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