While my work bench lumber is being held hostage by snow ..

.. I might as well work on the mitre box saw.  I left my lumber on the storage rack at school so no more working on the work bench base until I go back to class.So I started working on the saw for my mitre box.  I used Matt’s recipe at the Saw Blogfor cleaning the saw plate.

So I pulled off the handle and got out the Simple Green and wet/dry 400 grit sand paper.  Rubbing in from tip to stern, I worked off the grim and rust.

After a good rinsing and drying (hopefully no one will notice that the blow drier made a trip to the shop), I set the saw plate to bask in the radiant heat.

Once thoroughly dried , I applied some paste wax for protection.  If you look closely you can see the saw bench and sheet rock reflected in the plate.

 And look what I uncovered after removing all the grim.  Now to sharpening.

3 thoughts on “While my work bench lumber is being held hostage by snow ..”

  1. Nice job Marilyn, I love to see old tools brought back to life. I'm eager to see the sharpening process, I haven't done that myself although I just picked up the tools to do it last week.If you want to add a little flash to the saw you could sand the spine with progressively finer grits and work it up to a polished finish.-joe

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