Making a picture frame with hand planes

I poked around the internet to find information on how to make a picture frame with hand tools. ¬†So¬†except¬†for some information that Shannon Roger provided in his Hand Tool School, I wasn’t really able to find anything. ¬†Everyone seems to be making frame with powered routers. ¬†Que post.

Here’s the final product with Boiled Linseed Oil finish.¬†

I used my newly sharpened mitre box saw to cut mitres (thanks Matt Cianci)  and my excellent picture frame shooting board (thanks Rob Hanson) for this frame.  More pictures below the fold.

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A tale of two saws

As you know, I’ve been working on restoring and sharpening a mitre box saw that I picked up.While I was working on it, I also got a chance to put together my Wenzloff rip saw. ¬†Here’s how the handle started.

And here are the saws together.  One made in 2012 and one made around 1920.  One walnut and one curly apple.
Mike Wenzloff has a great pictorial on how to shape a saw handle here: Shaping a Handle.