Handsaw Essentials – Last Weekend

Last weekend, I journeyed over to Port Townsend to take Handsaw Essentials.  This was a great opportunity for me to get my new mitre box saw sharpened since one of the options for the class was to sharpen/restore a saw.
The tooth line on the blade is about 27″ long.  Thaaaat should give me some practice.  So I started out by putting my saw in Jim’s cool but easy to make saw vise written about in his “The New Traditional Woodworker” book.  This vise was plenty long enough to handle my blade entirely.

Then I jointed the tooth line with a file and started reshaping teeth by filing perpendicular to the blade.

Once the teeth were established I started to put in a 9 degree rake to the teeth using a saw file guide.

After that I put a slight set on the teeth (.2) since this saw will have a lot of teeth in the wood at the same time.

Lastly, I added fleam at a 20 degree angle (see the red lines on Jim’s saw vise) with a slight upward motion to allow all the saw dust from all those teeth in the wood to escape (this is probably some what unique to a mitre box saw).

Jim had a couple of suggestions if you wanted to retooth and demonstrated using a sawzall blade to use if you wanted to make the same number of teeth (7 points per inch for example).  Saw files are available at amazon.com.

Good saw sharpening links:

Saw Filing Guide

While my work bench lumber is being held hostage by snow ..

.. I might as well work on the mitre box saw.  I left my lumber on the storage rack at school so no more working on the work bench base until I go back to class.So I started working on the saw for my mitre box.  I used Matt’s recipe at the Saw Blogfor cleaning the saw plate.

So I pulled off the handle and got out the Simple Green and wet/dry 400 grit sand paper.  Rubbing in from tip to stern, I worked off the grim and rust.

After a good rinsing and drying (hopefully no one will notice that the blow drier made a trip to the shop), I set the saw plate to bask in the radiant heat.

Once thoroughly dried , I applied some paste wax for protection.  If you look closely you can see the saw bench and sheet rock reflected in the plate.

 And look what I uncovered after removing all the grim.  Now to sharpening.