Cutting the moulding

I decided to go with the 1 1/2″ moulding and start fitting to the case. ¬†This gave me a nice¬†opportunity¬†to whip out the mitre saw that I restored and cut the wrap around pieces. ¬†Once the moulding is on all I have left is the battens and the hinges. ¬†The end is in site.

triming the moulding (1 of 1)

Sneak peek!

moulding fit (4 of 5)

Remember the Mitre Box?

Myonline chum, Joe at McGlynn on Making, graciouslyoffered to bead blast my mitre box.  So Ipacked it up and shipped it down to him.
The clean up on this thing is amazing! ¬†He also fixed the crack in the frame and fixed the foot. ¬†As¬†usual, I’m in awe of what a good machinist/metal worker (not sure what Joe calls himself) can do.
Make sure you take a look at his site, McGlynn on Making.  He just finished completely restoring an old ugly saw .. as part of his new interest in woodworking.His post on the mitre box here : Marilyn’s Miterbox

Questions for my metal working / tool repair buddies

I bought this saw on Ebay because I think I can make cross cuts by hand instead of on the table saw. And .. I want to be able to miter accurately as well.¬† I chose this one because .. well .. it looked well used and cared for AND because I want to use it.¬† Collecting doesn’t do much for me.
So what and how much to clean and repair?
First, there’s a small crack in the frame and the back foot is broken off.¬† Some one recommended JB weld to fix these item (since I can’t weld nor do I have the equipment). ¬†I do, however, have a friend who welds although he’s new to it.
Here are my questions:
  • What’s the best way to repair the crack? ¬†I was thinking “spot weld” on the back side of the frame.
  • Should I have the foot rebuilt and if so, any suggestions on how to do that?
  • Cleaning. ¬†There doesn’t appear to be a lot of rust just a layer of¬†greasy¬†black “something”. ¬†Maybe its original paint or added later paint. ¬†Should I clean it or just leave it.

  • Thoughts on assessing and lubrication the saw holding mechanism. ¬†It works fine as is, but I want to make sure it stays that way.