Remember the Mitre Box?

Myonline chum, Joe at McGlynn on Making, graciouslyoffered to bead blast my mitre box.  So Ipacked it up and shipped it down to him.
The clean up on this thing is amazing!  He also fixed the crack in the frame and fixed the foot.  As usual, I’m in awe of what a good machinist/metal worker (not sure what Joe calls himself) can do.
Make sure you take a look at his site, McGlynn on Making.  He just finished completely restoring an old ugly saw .. as part of his new interest in woodworking.His post on the mitre box here : Marilyn’s Miterbox
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4 Responses to Remember the Mitre Box?

  1. "(not sure what Joe calls himself)"Oh, I've got some choice names for myself, especially when I run my hand into the belt grinder or lay my arm on something I just welded 🙂

  2. Rob McWalters says:

    Hello Marilyn- love your webpage and it is great to hear from woman who are woodworkers. Your Miter box restoration has me full of gumption to get my own. I have a Nobex but the blade deflects in hardwood or deep cuts. Not sure which old miter box is the best? Which model is yours? Any thoughts?



    • Marilyn says:

      Hey Rob! Thanks for compliments and sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

      Hmm .. well, I got totally lucky and found this one on ebay. There is a lot of research out three and a lot of folks with opinions on these. It’d probably be best if we communicated through email. My email is

      I’d like to connect you with at least one other guy who could probably help.


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