Sox Boxes

Woodworking seems to have helped me be better organized .. or maybe just it made me have OCD?  Anyway, this was a fun little project.

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4 Responses to Sox Boxes

  1. Tico Vogt says:

    I particularly like how you shot the edges!

  2. Marilyn,

    I see that the way you are using these the joints won’t be stressed but I’ll bet they are very strong. I made some just like yours strictly for the purpose of stress testing them and was surprised at how strong they were. Even without splines the joints are surprisingly strong if you size them with glue and then apply a second coat a few minutes later. The splines really capitalize on wood’s strength. It’s a much stronger joint than I thought.

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree. I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the seem to be and am eager to see how they will hold up long term. These were a lot about practicing miters for me too. Hide glue seem to work well in getting the boxes square after putting the pieces together.

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