9 thoughts on “Next Project – TV Lift Cabinet”

  1. Don’t fret, Marilyn. Plywood is quite forgiving to work with and on a big project much, much faster.

    Good luck with the TV Cabinet. Looks like it’ll be very nice.

  2. Thanks ya’ll!!
    Sam, you’re right about plywood. I guess I’ll be doing a lot more sharpening.
    Dyami, I’m hoping your right about going together faster. I’d sure like this to get done more quickly than some of my other larger projects. 😀

    1. Yes! I am. Maw Ha Ha! The TV will be stored below the lid normally and a, hopefully framed by me, picture will sit above the TV cabinet. Then, when someone comes over to watch the tube, it will lift magically. Maaaa Haaa Ha! 😉

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