4 thoughts on “More on Screw Extraction”

  1. I think I saw a more basic solution on one of Paul Sellers’ video’s. He drilled out the screw using a drill the size of the screw thread. The drill chews up the brass screw and pulls out the resulting brass shavings. After that, plug the hole and you’re ready to drill a new pilot hole. I’d try this on a scrap piece first to see if the result is what you want. My own experience was good using this method, when I also broke a brass screw installing a hinge.

    1. Good thought! I’ve been chicken to try this since when it happens I’m usually working on some precious project .. at the very end. I worried that in trying to drill out the brass screw would move around the bit because its harder than the wood. However the last time I had this happen was in paduck .. which is probably harder than brass.

      I also didn’t have a plug making tool small enough for a drill bit so know what to fix the hole. This video really helped me regardless of the method used.

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