A tale of two saws

As you know, I’ve been working on restoring and sharpening a mitre box saw that I picked up.While I was working on it, I also got a chance to put together my Wenzloff rip saw.  Here’s how the handle started.

And here are the saws together.  One made in 2012 and one made around 1920.  One walnut and one curly apple.
Mike Wenzloff has a great pictorial on how to shape a saw handle here: Shaping a Handle.
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3 Responses to A tale of two saws

  1. Tim Graham says:

    It was the best of saws, it was the worst of saws…It is a far, far better saw that I make than I have ever made before. It is a far, far better kerf that I go to than I have ever had before.

  2. Excellent! Way to channel Charles Dickens! LOL!

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