Spray painting the mitre box

My box arrived yesterday all spic and span with its repairs barely noticeable. So now, before rust takes hold, it needs painting.
Here’s my spray booth ( aka microwave oven box that was used to mail the box and saw to me):
It worked well and I was able to get most of my parts painted.  The paint (engine black) will take 7 days to cure.  So it’ll be a bit before I can put it all back together.Here’s a little background information I found about the saw – 74 (ca. 1910 – 1920).

More photos below the fold.
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4 Responses to Spray painting the mitre box

  1. I can't wait to see it in-person and in action!Mike

  2. Me too! (she says chewing her nails). 7 days to cure the paint, so it'll will be a bit.

  3. Seven DAYS? I don't think I could wait that long, maybe seven minutes…

  4. Yeah, I've been too busy this weekend .. otherwise .. I'm sure it would be at least partially assembled by now.

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