Lessons in Drawboring

So this one, unfortunately, goes into the Doh! files.  See it you can figure out what I did wrong (its not hard).

I started out by drilling the holes for the draw bore pegs in the bottom of the chop.

Then I marked the location to drill on the tenon.

Here you can see the lined up hole.  The holes on the tenon should be slightly off set.  (hint – this is where I boo booed.)

After pounding the peg material through the dowel plate to make pegs, I whittle the ends so that they will make the cruve.

Here are the pieces all lined up so that I can add glue to the tenon (not necessary).

Once the pegs were pounded in, I used my flush cut saw to trim them.

The pegs were a little messy after trimming.

So rasp to the rescue.

Here’s how it turned out.  Notice the 1/16″ gap.  Darn!  The tenon was a perfect fit prior to pegging.  Figured it out yet?

The parallel guide is now centered through the mortise.

And its starting to look like a vise!

The proper what to do it: Chris Schwarz – Drawbore Pins Part1 – Theory and Preparation

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3 Responses to Lessons in Drawboring

  1. joemcglynn says:

    Whoops! I think everyone has made their share of mistakes like that. I was welding those oval oil tanks once several years ago and got one side backwards in the fixture. Welded it all up before I noticed that the fitting holes were facing in opposite directions on the two ends. Daaaaang Joe.

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