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  1. After watching Denab sharpening at the LN booth at WIA I realized that it takes me entirely too long to sharpen. I’ve been using the Veritas MK2 guide, which works pretty well, although I’m not 100% happy with the clamping. BUT it seems like I’m always needing to re-shape the bevel, which takes too long. Sometimes the edge is nicked (both planes I used this weekend!) and sometimes I have the angle set differently than the blade was originally ground at.

    I need to figure this out. I’ve set a goal to “suck less at sharpening”

    How is your abrasive film method working out?

    1. We went on vacation this summer and I drug along all of my chisels and most of my plane blades. I used my Tormek to reshaped my primary bevels on every thing. Then I used my honing set up to hone everything.

      Now, sharpening is really quick cuz I use the same set up to hone and I’ve not even turned on my Tormek. A lot of nights I drag the chisels I’ve been working with in the house and touch them up with the film and I’m ready to go after a few strokes.

      Lesson learned for me. Once I get something tuned up on my set up, sharpening goes much faster and much better cuz I can repeat it.

      Here’s what I use (yes it sounds a little complicated, but it works for me)

      – Tormek for re-establishing primary once secondary get too big or I get a nick.
      – Veritas MK2 guide for plane blades. I like the way it holds blades.
      – Cheap Taiwanese guide for chisels with my preset board stops (cuz it faster).
      – Film and glass plates for the evening sitting watchin’ the news or football game routine in the house.

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