So I’m still thinking about a logo (previous post).  Here’s the latest:

I love the idea of having a single identifying mark.  When I think about what’s elevated my woodworking the most it would have to be the lowly rasp.  Its allowed me to do all kinds of things and shapes that I never would have with out it.


New and improved.

19 thoughts on “Logo?”

  1. I think that it’s a wonderful idea. The logo looks great, and the rasp is certainly an understated tool that does not get the recognition it deserves. Is the logo going to be put on your work or on your site?

    1. I was kinda thinking about both. I actually put it up at the bottom of the right hand column (I’ll probably move it).

      As for my work, I was thinking about just the rasp and perhaps initials on the handle over the year I complete the piece. Haven’t drawn that up yet though.

  2. I like the idea. The rasp looks a bit like a dagger though. Everybody uses a hand plane, or a backsaw in their logo so your’s is original. I’ve never seen a chisel used in a logo. Still, looks pretty good.

    1. Heh! Yeah, it does look like a dagger. I’m trying to decide if that’s bad. ;o)

      I do think I need to work on the drawing of the rasp some more. Perhaps there’s a way to draw it better.

      Hope you’re felling better!

    2. Now that I think about it, you could go all super hero with it too. “Rasping your way through the under world of wood working!!” That and some some spandex with a dagger .. opps I mean rasp on the chest and you could be a wood working superhero. ;o)

  3. Marilyn,

    I like the idea of a logo, but I would offer this advice (as someone who has worked in graphic design). You will want something that is easy to reproduce. The rasp, while it looks nice, may not translate to some media due to its detail. Something with simple lines and two colors (either black and white or one color with black or white) are easily recognized and reproducible just about anywhere. Think Coca-Cola, Apple, etc. Anyway, my two cents. But it’s your logo, and only you should get to decide what it becomes.

    I’ll be sure and look out for you at WIA. It will nice to see you again.


    1. Good advice! One idea I had was to just have the outline of the rasp with no shading etc. It could be a black and with outline with perhaps initials on the handle.

      I’ll work on that more! Love the advice.

      I’ll be looking for you as well!

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    First, thanks for blogging; it is fun to follow your work. If your logo is just a way to say, “I did this,” then use any design that is appealing for you. However, if you have some commercial/professional endeavors to pursue, consider the following.

    Is the Logo easy to replicate in other mediums, other than print and digital, (i.e. electric branding, stamps, press plate, etc.)

    I like the rasp, and it is signature to your work like it was to Maloof’s however is it to complex? Could you simplify the design by using a simple black line rendition?

    Will replication in all mediums present the same?

    Can it be simplified further?

    Use your blog to do a little market analysis of the “grab effect,” by providing several examples for readers to choose from, could help.

    Lastly, take your time in the decision. Once you have picked a Logo it is kind of a thumbprint that sticks and can be cumbersome and costly to change.

    I timber frame and teach wilderness activities, my logo has been around for over thirty years, (R.E.I., E.M.S. and two timber framing companies have tried to buy it.) It is simple, easy to replicate, and I can use it for both my passions equally.



    1. Jay, thanks so much for you’re kind words. I guess I need to read up on Maloof. Of course he would rasps.

      As far as the logo, I’ll be using for my hobby work but you never know. Plus I’d like it to be easy to replicate. REI and EMS .. that’s pretty cool.

      I like all of your suggestions. Thanks so much. Now off to redesign!

      PS. Very cool last name btw.

  5. I say you use a rasp to sign each piece, Marilyn.

    Picture this:
    Mahogany jewelry box. Mirror-like finish. Dovetailed joinery. internal dividers, also dovetailed, made from sweet-smelling Spanish Cedar. Lined in a wonderful muted tartan.

    And then, just before delivery, you run a rasp right across the lid. Just one stroke.

    Signed. Done.


    In all seriousness, you might want to consider just using an image in print and web design, but come up with a simple stamp that plays on SWW for signing your pieces.

    1. Hahaha!! Well that sure would be … well unique! So what I’ve been doing to date is stamping my initials MKG and adding the year (MKG 2012). That certainly works .. pretty well, as a matter of fact.

      Another option would be to use the rasp as an image and the add my initials above it.

      I thing the logo might be better suited for the web stuff and maybe my initials and year for signing my work.

      Regardless, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  6. Marilyn, I personally really like the idea of a rasp, if you can clearly reproduce the pattern so it is recognizable. Just to outline it, though, makes it a dagger. How about an outline of a Curved rasp on both ends, pointed on one and squared on the other? I don’t think that would be mistaken for another implement.

    1. Me too! I think the feed back I’ve gotten on has been good. I have an outline/drawing I’m working on. I’m going to give that a whirl and see how it goes.

      Thanks so much for the feedback!

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