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  1. Shop plans are great fun. I’ve had at least four or five drawn out at one time or another. Haven’t really built any of them. I’d like just once for someone to build one from their plan, and then come back five years later and update the drawing. I suspect you would see things labeled “Junk pile”, and “Crap I need to sell”, and “Bad Idea”, and “Tool I should have never bought and is now taking up too much room”, and “Additional lumber storage”. And I’m sure there would be many others.


    1. That sounds a little like my shop. I always thought that width was most important. For instance my garage is 26ft long but only 12ft wide in the space I work in. I always find myself fighting for manueverability. I would gladly knock off 10 ft in length to add another 5 in width. Back last winter I nearly gave up woodworking because of it.

    2. LOL!! Love the alternative labels.

      And Bill, my space is similar to your’s 21’x15′. I’m going to try and build a back shed next summer and get the lawn mower, bar-b-q and a couple of bikes outta the garage. I need space to work in kinda desperately. And I’m betting my current project (the desk) is going to make that need crystal clear.

    1. It is your shop! And I like the associated information. If you click on the picture, it links your page. I’ll try and make it more obvious.

      BTW, I’m looking forward to listening to your interview with Marc.

      1. No worries – I was just looking at my site analytics. It is fun to see where some of the referrals come from.

        I had a good time with the WWG chat. The only thing is that it is difficult to explain some of the techniques without a visual aid.

        The whole conversation really did make me think about how that topic needs to be covered in a video.

      2. As I understand it you guys talked about built ins as well as your shop?

        I live in a hundred+ year old house and nothing is square anymore. A video would really help to explain how to deal with that.

      1. The topic was built-ins. I have made a good bit of my living working on old homes from the 1920’s & 30’s so I know how it can be with the built-ins.

        If you need any information let me know and I will help as I can long distance. Between emailed pictures, Skype (or FaceTime) and phone calls I have helped a lot of people.

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