Finishing up the left side

There are many things I prefer to do with hand tool and all of the above fall into that category especially tapering the bottom of the legs.  In the past I’ve done that on my table saw.  It requires a jig and test cuts.     

Trimming them by hand and cleaning up with my hand plane is .. well fun.  I also find cleaning up with out sanding much more fun with a better result.  

OK .. hand tool commercial over.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Finishing up the left side”

    1. And milling by hand is just a lot a work.

      I don’t own a jointer and probably never will. The only space I could put it in I hope to fill up with at least a mini-lathe. If I had small lathe I might even talk the spouse into some woodworking and that’d be great fun. But I digress.

      The stuff I get from the lumber yard I roughly flatten (which keeps my flattening skills up) and shove it through the thickness planer. I found that this is working pretty well for me.

      I still have my table saw because of home projects and the table on my band saw is pretty small. Some day .. if I get better with my band saw and perhaps a bigger table I might lose the table saw too.

  1. This is a very sinister blog entry, Marilyn…

    On a completely different topic, I think if I ever move, then I will probably try to sell my table saw or donate it to the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild rather than move it. It isn’t much; just a Ridgid contractor saw… but it would certainly see more use in someone else’s shop.

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