Get Woodworking … Women! Feburary 3 – 9

It’s Get Woodworking Week February 3rd through the 9th, so I thought I’d do a little post for the potential female woman woodworkers out there sitting on the fence about jumping into woodworking.

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 I can think of a lot of reasons why some might hesitate to start woodworking.  Here’s a few examples with responses I might give:

I don’t know how to even start.  I’ve never done anything like woodworking.

Now, more than ever, there is tons of help.  There are fun, women-only classes, online classes and videos.  Here are a few sources:

I don’t like machines, they scare me.

It’s a great time to be a hand tool woodworker.  Chris Schwarz, Shannon Rogers and many others are great sources of hand tool knowledge. And, if wanted and you live in a larger city, you can get most of your wood mostly milled.  However, owning a thickness planer and a band saw (the woodworking sewing machine) will make things easier and expand your horizons.

I feel stupid when I ask questions.

Guess what … so do the guys.

Women don’t do woodworking.


Guess again!  And, oh by the way, a woman just got hired to be Senior Editor at Popular Wood Working.

Anyway, no doubt there are more reasons but hopefully all of the above gets you thinking.

BTW, wanna win some prizes?? Check this out: Get Woodworking Week has helpers!

17 thoughts on “Get Woodworking … Women! Feburary 3 – 9”

  1. I’ve said it many times, but we see far too few women woodworking. Ask my wife, I’m constantly trying to get her in the shop with me. Go to a woodworking show and most of the time it looks like an all boys retirement home. It’s about time we got some ladies at the bench, and maybe they can convince their children to give it a try as well.

  2. Oh wait, it’s “get woodworking… women” not “get woodworking women”. Wow, totally different message.

    Actually, if we can get my wife into woodworking it would totally change the dynamics around the house (and around buying that new Unisaw I’ve been eyeing)

  3. Well done, Marilyn. I hear so many women say, “I don’t think I could…” and I’m stunned by that. Once they’re exposed, they are in awe of their own accomplishment. This is a great focus for some of us to apply to Tom’s ‘Get Woodworking’ for 2013. Thanks for the input!

  4. Great post. I agree completely. Females bring a completely different design aspect to the craft.

    My partner, Kat, is into woodworking and she enjoys it quite a bit. She is an architect by degree so i think it is in her blood. She even has a small business that builds furniture.

    My suggestion would be to start with the design aspect. Kat designs many of the items I build, and if she does not design it her design influence touches it.
    Case in point:

    Next tip to influence – start with easy / safe tools. Kat likes sheet goods and hates my crappy table saw. Festoon track saw and Vac as Christmas gift, problem solved. She loves it and is not intimidated by it.

    We also have a vacuum press for bending / creating our own shapes (cat bed shell) easy and fun to use. She also really enjoys the spokeshave – easy set up use as well as creating interesting designs.

    I typically do the heavy lifting for her stock prep. She has no issues with the smoothing plane – I typically set it up and get it ready.

    This is how I help foster and support her interest in the craft so she doesn’t have to go whole hog into it – she has other craft hobbies as well.

    Hope this helps you influence one of your loved ones.

    1. Ewww! Yeah! The track saw would be another great tool for the milling process. Thanks for bringing that up.

      And you’re right, choosing what part of woodworking you want to take on is a fun way to test it out and see if you enjoy it. I’m hoping to talk a certain some one into the turning on the mini lathe. That would be a blast and a way to get my spouse into wood working .. with out having to go .. as you say “going whole hog”.

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