8 thoughts on “Another top shot”

  1. The top looks great and I like your clamping system. I have not switched to parallel clamps yet but from all the pictures and comments they appear to be the way to go.

  2. Heh! Thanks all! I’m off to make the spline grooves this morning.

    I love my parallel clamps .. except for the costs. I managed to get about 1/2 of my collection for free. I was asked to participate in Bessey clamp test and I, when I ordered a set from a large organization (that shall remain nameless), they messed up and sent me two sets. 😀

  3. Marilyn,
    Love the work, but I’m interested in the cauls. What is on the bottom? I’m assuming that it’s either some sort of padding or a glue barrier, or both. Could you give a little info on it?

    1. A couple years back I put up the siding on my house and I put Tyvek house wrap underneath the siding. It’s Tyvek tape and I put it on the sawn in 1/2 2x4s to keep the glue from getting on them.

      The tape’s fairly expensive and I was just using up the roll. Blue tape works too, but Tyvek tape is plastic and you can wipe the glue off.

      Thanks for askin’! I forget to mention these things.

  4. That’s going to be beautiful!

    I’m guessing that’s packing tape or something like that on the cauls. Did you plane that face of the cauls flat? Or with a curve like the “bow caul” things?

    1. The cauls are flat off the table saw. I made them before I was an expert at plane (I heard that snicker ;D ).

      If I were to remake some, and I probably will, planing a slight curve would be something I do.

      I guess I should also mention that this was a dry fit. More to come on splines and the actually glue up.

      Oh, yeah .. packing tape would work well also! See my answer to Sam.

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