Routing grooves for splines and makin’ a top!

My friend Steve uses a router, band saw and drill press to do most of his wood working (supplemented with hand planes, etc.)  I asked him to help me route the grooves in my desk top pieces.  Above are a few shots of his set up, the grooves we cut and finally .. the glued up top.  

It’s always a lot of fun when I get a chance to be in someone else’s shop!

4 thoughts on “Routing grooves for splines and makin’ a top!”

  1. Wow. You have a lot of clamps. I stopped counting at 18. It look real good. Looking forward to the finish.

    1. I’m impressed that you counted. Almost all the clamps were off the wall. The piece is 5’6″ and about 28″ wide ..

      AND I ended up having glue up trouble. I think the glue started to set before I got it all put together for my satisfaction. Maybe I was trying to compensate for that. 😀

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