Today we traveled up to Bellingham to get my woodworking neighbor across the street a .. wait for it ..

New Band Saw!  

Pictures below.

Here’s the link to the saw: G0513ANV 17″ 2 HP Bandsaw, Anniversary Edition

9 thoughts on “NEW TOOL ROAD TRIP .. Yeee haa!”

  1. I didn’t know when buying a Grizzly you actually GOT a grizzly!

    Always fun helping somebody else spend their money.

    Jim B

  2. That’s nice. I see a forklift loading it into the truck. Is it very heavy? I have never used a band saw but I can see where it would be very useful. Now I’ll have to get my neighbor to buy one.

    1. LOL! Yeah! get the neighbor to buy one!

      This one weights around 340 lbs and you really need two people to manage it. I’ll put a link to it in the post.

      1. it would be dangerous to live within driving distance of a Grizzly warehouse. Wow.

        I have a bandsaw in my metal shop, and it’s only 30 feet from one to the other, but somehow I feel like I need another saw just for the wood shop. I’d better not.

      2. Yes! It’s very scary .. and would be so even more for you since they have a giant metal working section to go with the woodworking section. 😀

        PS. 30 feet .. especially in the rain and snow .. is a long way. 😉

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