Need to get rid of some extra tools??

Extra tools are always a puzzle for me.  Do I sell them, give them away or something else.  Selling is tricky involving negotiating a price, mailing, packaging, etc.  And finding some one who needs something I don’t is fun, but can also be tricky.

Here’s another really cool idea .. build a tool chest, fill it with tools, and a portable bench – then give it away to an eager student, without the resources to obtain their own tools.  Check out the project here:

Perpetuating Woodworking – Community Project

I’ve been following Sam’s site for a while and have been intrigued by what he’s been doing.  Here’s another vote of confidence by Chris Schwarz – The Best Home for Extra Tools

Sam Cappo

One thought on “Need to get rid of some extra tools??”

  1. You know I think that is an awesome idea Marilyn! I gave that box of tools to a 16 year old NYC kid, whose skills in engineering put us all to shame!

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