Six Board Sketch Up Model

I’ve been playing around with the Sketch Up model, making measurements and adding a little decoration.  The feet on the chest has always looked a little spindly and I’ve been looking at this.

six board chest
Chest with lower ogee added.

It’s possible that my boards are wide enough that I might be able to make the front piece all as one.  If not, the pieces can be added separately.

I might use something like this to provide back support.


3 thoughts on “Six Board Sketch Up Model”

  1. In the most basic form these chests just extend the end pieces to the floor and those panels make up the “feet”. A little cut out in the middle defines the feet and you are done. Extending both the sides and ends to the floor and joining them all along the corner is and interesting idea. The cut out in between does weaken the feet as you have short grain hanging out there. But joining them at the corner may add some strength to compensate for that. I think the reason you don’t see this is you need a much wider board but it is also more difficult to join that long edge and cut out the foot defining middle. Making a separate foot is actually stronger because the foot is attached to the case instead of relying on the wider board’s innate cross grain strength. Glue blocks certainly help but they also lift the whole case off the ground a bit to protect the bottom edges.

  2. You’re using Sapele for this, right? I’m eager to hear your report on how it works with hand tools, online reports seem conflicted. Some say it’s prone to mineral inclusions and dulling of tools and others say it works well. I’m assuming you’re going to nail this with cut nails? I really like using cut nails.

    1. Sapele .. Yes! I used kyan (sp?) mahogany for my wall cabinet and I didn’t self destruct. And planning on some fancy cut nails for this one.

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