Holdfast Hole Theory, or ‘I’m an 8-hole’

Lost Art Press


Truth be told, I’m happy if you drill an array of 1” holdfast holes on 3/4” centers on your workbench, but I get asked a lot about where my holes are.

So here is my theoretical theory on this.

I bore eight holdfast holes that help me deal with common sawing, planing and mortising chores. Each hole has a particular job to do. Now, I’m no Joel Moskowitz, but I did my best to sketch out the holes in the drawing above (click on it and it will expand).


1. A Hole for a Bench Hook and Mortising
The first hole I bore is 7-1/2” from the front edge of the benchtop and a few inches forward of the face vise. This hole has two jobs. It allows me to hold my work down with a bench hook, which is of a fairly standard size. The key thing is that…

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1 Response to Holdfast Hole Theory, or ‘I’m an 8-hole’

  1. Marilyn says:

    Still sooo much to learn. Not what I would have expected for dog holes.

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