Dutch Tool Chest Progress

Oh, I found another use for my bench on bench.  I needed a little boost to plane the edges of the chest.

bench on bench (1 of 1)

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12 Responses to Dutch Tool Chest Progress

  1. tombuhl says:

    love the tool chest and photos

  2. Dan says:

    Great progress on the chest! Can’t wait to see the finished product. What are your plans for a finish?

  3. JMAW Works says:

    Adjustable benches have it wrong! What we need is an adjust-a-floor! Great progress!

  4. joemcglynn says:

    Great progress on the tool chest, it looks like you’ll be done in no time! I bet the blue and copper will look great. Maybe you should add a white pinstripe detail?

    • Marilyn says:

      If I could paint such a thing .. .

      I’m going to add some variety to the blank looking front with a small edge rabbet all the way around the fall front, the copper nails and some simple moulding (I’m not sure what) to the top. I’ve been thinking about a simple bead too .. but I’m not sure where.

  5. The tool chest pics look great. Will this hold all your tools or is this one for traveling?

    • Marilyn says:

      Actually, it’ll do both .. although not ALL my tools. It’ll hold the ones I use frequently. The bottom section will hold moulding and dado planes. The rest less used (like my plow plane) will stay in the tool cabinet.

  6. Chris Wilson says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    A little late to this post, but I’ve been building my own DTC and yours has been a huge inspiration! One thing that has been impossible to find info on (seriously, try googling it:) is whether or not to glue the tongue and groove back to the carcase (I’m actually using shiplapped joinery). I assume this would not be glued and simply nailed or screwed to allow for expansion/contraction. However, as a new woodworker I’d be curious to hear you thoughts. Thanks and keep up the awesome blog!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Your most welcome! Thanks for reading!

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