Dutch Tool Chest Progress

Oh, I found another use for my bench on bench.  I needed a little boost to plane the edges of the chest.

bench on bench (1 of 1)

12 thoughts on “Dutch Tool Chest Progress”

  1. Great progress on the tool chest, it looks like you’ll be done in no time! I bet the blue and copper will look great. Maybe you should add a white pinstripe detail?

    1. If I could paint such a thing .. .

      I’m going to add some variety to the blank looking front with a small edge rabbet all the way around the fall front, the copper nails and some simple moulding (I’m not sure what) to the top. I’ve been thinking about a simple bead too .. but I’m not sure where.

    1. Actually, it’ll do both .. although not ALL my tools. It’ll hold the ones I use frequently. The bottom section will hold moulding and dado planes. The rest less used (like my plow plane) will stay in the tool cabinet.

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    A little late to this post, but I’ve been building my own DTC and yours has been a huge inspiration! One thing that has been impossible to find info on (seriously, try googling it:) is whether or not to glue the tongue and groove back to the carcase (I’m actually using shiplapped joinery). I assume this would not be glued and simply nailed or screwed to allow for expansion/contraction. However, as a new woodworker I’d be curious to hear you thoughts. Thanks and keep up the awesome blog!

    1. I had to go look. I nailed only the back and I’m sure I was following Mr. Schwarz advice on that. I posted a picture on this post to show what I did.

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