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Dutch Tool Chest Tool Rack Improvements

14 Feb

I decided to upgrade the tool rack in my Dutch tool chest.  I’m an avid reader of Chris Schwarz Lost Art Press blog and a while back he posted this blog entry – The One in Which I am Slapped by Someone.  In this blog post, he details how this design allows a more flexible tool storage.  I created a double layered version to hold both tools and saws.  

The chisels I have stored in the chest aren’t my regular chisels, but a few specialty chisels that I have.  When I travel, I’ll replace these with my daily use chisels.  This arrangement also freed up some space to allow more roomy storage.

Copper rivets

1 Oct

I posted about copper riveting here: Copper Nail Resources  The rivets I put in the lid are really just decorative, but here’s how installed them.

Just make sure you have something hard to press the nail head into to avoid banging out the nail when you mushroom the cut off nail. Oh and I used a metal file to smooth things off a bit and get the mushrooming started.

I bought the rove tool here: Faering Design

Glamour Shots of the Dutch Tool Chest

28 Sep

I added the final details to the chest.  It didn’t take as long as it might have appeared.  The chest really came together quite quickly, but work really got in the way of this project.  If I had used Home Depot pre-milled lumber instead of wide rough popular the project would have been very fast.

One of my favorite details are the hinges.  They went in really easily and I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with John Switzer over at Blackbear Forge.  My only regret was that I didn’t take pictures because I squeezed the installation in here and there.

I also used nails instead of screws for the joinery and the handles (more cinched nails).  But the hinges are screwed as well as the chisel rack.  I also made some of the dividers adjustable.  The moulding was cut by hand using my newly acquired moulding skills from Mr. Bickford and my really awesome moulding planes from Philly Planes

I decided against the saw till under the lid because my most used saw didn’t fit without complicated angles and spacing to avoid the tools below.  I might put one in later.  I’m really happy to have all those tools under cover.  

Here are the rest of the details.

Chest dimensions: 27″ long x 25 1/4″ high x 16 1/4″ wide

Weight empty and loaded: 41 lbs and 105 lbs

Hardware: Blackbear Forge

Milk Paint Finish with Boiled Linseed oil on top. 

Design:  October 2013 Popular Woodworking Issue # 206

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For a closer look at any of the pictures, right click and open in a new tab.


Soooo close ..

25 Sep

top (1 of 1)Milk paint drying on top.


Dutch gettin’ ready for painting.

14 Sep

The Dutch Tool Chest case is done.  All I need are the hinges and a lid.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the details.


Finishing out the interior of the Dutch Tool Chest

8 Sep

I finished up the interior tool holding today on the DTC.  Here’s a picture of how its coming along.  

dtc interior (1 of 1)

I’m gluing on the front pieces without nailing because I’m going to paint first then add the nails.  I’m a pretty decent nailer (I sided my whole house, so I’ve had lots of practice with small nails) so hopefully I won’t mess the finish up too much.  I’ll use screws for the hinges and some of the tool racks, but nails for the rest.

The Dutch Tool Chest – Tool tested and kitten approved

5 Sep

tool tested kitten approved (1 of 1)

Ahem, I was trying to see if my tools would fit in there … not you.

Ah well, Zipper is as good a scale as any.