Dutch gettin’ ready for painting.

The Dutch Tool Chest case is done.  All I need are the hinges and a lid.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the details.


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3 Responses to Dutch gettin’ ready for painting.

  1. joemcglynn says:

    Looks great, nice crisp lines. I can’t wait to see the painted/nailed finish.

    I saw on another blog someone ran the locking strips for the fall-front panel _through_ the battens. It was kind of a neat idea.

  2. You did such a nice job on this tool box, and it really seems like the project went together quickly and with no problems. You just whipped this one out start to finish like a pro!

    Being Dutch, I have GOT to build one of these. I really hope I can put it together as efficiently as you have done. I’m afraid to ask, but how much did Peter get you for the hardware?

    You’ve really got my interest going to build one of these. I wonder if I can remember to stop and take photos while I build. I am absolutely HORRIBLE at doing that. I rarely even remember to take final photos.

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