Progress on Carving Tool Chest

This is how I laid out the dovetails and the mitered shouldered dovetail for the bottom edge.

PS.  Wanna know where to get a sector?  Go here ->


Wanna know how to use a sector?? Or make a cheap one?  Go here ->

Flattening the bench

Note:  If you been directed here from another site looking for plans, I’m sorry.  There are are a lot of individuals out there representing other people’s work as theirs.  I’m not able to prevent this prevent this type of misrepresentation of my work.  Again I’m sorry.  Please don’t encourage by buying something from them.

I noticed while I was putting together my six board chest that it was wobbling on the bench. Uh oh .. need to flatten.

work bench flatten (1 of 4)

Unbeknownst to me, some one else was also flattening his French Robou Oak Bench yesterday.


Now my bench isn’t made of incredibly old oak cut from monster slabs. It’s a bunch of Douglas fir 2×4 laminated together and it’s pretty nice stuff. I haven’t had the problems with fir that Joe has had with his bench and fir and, based on his experience, I’m glad I got the nicer stuff. Anyway, I really like my bench even though its only got a 3 1/2″ top. But I have to admit, I wish I was going to WIA so I could see the FORB landing. 😀

Doh! Shop Space epiphany!


I was watching Richard The English Woodworker making a cup board and I noticed the nook that he was working in.  I was thinking that I had put my work bench against the wall and it didn’t work partly because I was also in a nook.  Then I realized .. “Hey!  he has his back to the wall instead of the work bench against the wall.  That would work.  And all my tools would be in easy reach then! DOH!”

The new set up and so far .. I love it.  And look at all the room in front of the bench where I can set my project.