Dutch Tool Chest Tool Rack Improvements

I decided to upgrade the tool rack in my Dutch tool chest.  I’m an avid reader of Chris Schwarz Lost Art Press blog and a while back he posted this blog entry – The One in Which I am Slapped by Someone.  In this blog post, he details how this design allows a more flexible tool storage.  I created a double layered version to hold both tools and saws.  

The chisels I have stored in the chest aren’t my regular chisels, but a few specialty chisels that I have.  When I travel, I’ll replace these with my daily use chisels.  This arrangement also freed up some space to allow more roomy storage.

Tool Rack – Dutch Tool Chest

Today I got a little time to set up my tool rack in the back of the chest.  I figured it’d be easier to do this before I put on the front.  I’m also waiting for my hinges to show up, so it made sense to work on this now.  It involved a lot of fiddling and fitting, but I finally got everything in.  For the most part, I used Chris’ 1/2″ hole every 1 1/8″ rule on a 1″ thick stick.

tool rack (1 of 1)

This would put all my chisel (bench and specialty) in one place which is preferable to the hither and yon set up that I have now.  I’m not a matched set kinda gal so it looks a little messy, but oh well.  After the rack is attached to the case, I’ll glue the suede to the back which will help keep the saw handles from getting scratched or rubbed.