6 thoughts on “Making accurate cuts with your chop saw .. with blue tape?”

  1. …or you could make a zero clearance insert of mdf or ply and have a more durable reference groove. Rather than ragged blue tap, which could also shift about, at least in my blue tape experience.

    1. Yup! That’s an even better idea. I guess I never thought I’d be able to get accurate cuts with the ol’ chop saw. Of course, it has to be 90 degrees to the fence as well.

      1. my chop saw (buried and saved for construction projects only) stock fence does not have enough adjustment to get 90 degrees without getting into machining. Or using an aux fence which can be shimmed. Not a big deal usually, but…

      2. That makes sense. Honestly, I only use my chop saw for remodel but it sure would be nice to tune it up and use it in the shop.

  2. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Blue tape! It’s the duct tape of the workshop! 🙂

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