Barrel Revival

Look what followed us home from the outdoor market today.  I love, love, love supporting my local woodworkers and I really get jazzed when I can support a young woodworker who is just starting out and doing something cool/creative.

Keith Forsyth over at Barrel Revival made this chair from old oak barrels staves used in the wineries in central Washington.

full oak barrel chair (1 of 1)
Chair made of oak wine barrel staves. The purple staining is on the inside of the barrel staves .. I’m guessing a Merlot.



 Click on the picture to find out more about Keith and his furniture.


8 thoughts on “Barrel Revival”

  1. The level, plumb, and square podcast built something like these. I really like this variation on the adirondack chair.

  2. These are awesome! Now I have to rethink those wine tastings my daughters keep trying to get me to – sounds like a possible source of “pre-bent” wood projects!

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