Barrel Revival

Look what followed us home from the outdoor market today.  I love, love, love supporting my local woodworkers and I really get jazzed when I can support a young woodworker who is just starting out and doing something cool/creative.

Keith Forsyth over at Barrel Revival made this chair from old oak barrels staves used in the wineries in central Washington.

full oak barrel chair (1 of 1)
Chair made of oak wine barrel staves. The purple staining is on the inside of the barrel staves .. I’m guessing a Merlot.



 Click on the picture to find out more about Keith and his furniture.


A Visit to Northwest Timber

Last week I had to go to Portland for business and I took the opportunity to visit Northwest Timber that is located about an hour south of Portland.  First we got a personal tour of the shop and wood storage sheds.  


Lewis kept opening doors and there was more wood.  They carry mostly Pacific NW lumber with some eastern cherry.   There are fantastic slaps of walnut and quilted lumber.

In the last few years, they have taken their business to the internet.  All their wood is meticulously sorted and labeled after being photographed for sale.  Shorts and long abound. I’ve never seen so much super nice wood.  I absolutely want to go back!  Oh and, btw, I’ve orderd by mail and been extremely happy with what showed up.

Before Lewis and gang got into selling wood they ran a woodworking business.  Here are a couple of shots of his equipment.  More wood on the web site.

Then we took the scenic tour back home.