Chip Carving

So me and my homies from MWA Seattle went a chip carving class at our local Woodcraft and had great fun.  I’m not ready for prime time, but here’s my latest practise board.  

Unlike a lot of things woodworking, getting into chip carving only takes a few knives and some sharpening expertise.  It requires practise, but it lots of fun and challenging.

Expect some chip carving on my next project.

Chip carving (1 of 1)


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8 Responses to Chip Carving

  1. bkbiggs says:

    Very nice job! And it’s easy to do anywhere – enjoy!

  2. Dyami says:

    Looks great. I look forward to seeing it on a finished piece.

  3. jmo85331 says:

    Looks very nice! What wood are you using?

  4. Cool. I think this is akin to spoon carving but maybe more portable.

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