Outside woodworking

So its summer, which means I need to make hay on outside projects.  Yes, I’m still working on the TV lift cabinet, but it’s been set asides becuase of good outside weather.

We built a detached storage shed in the back, but wanted to make it look like its part of the house.  Since I sided most of the rest of the house it made sense to side the shed in a simlar manner.  Here’s the step by step and before new siding shot as a reminder of how far we’ve come.

Siding Project
House before siding. Yuck! Ugly vinly siding.

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  1. Ugly, but practical. We have it on our barn, and when I’ve spent a summer scraping clapboards on the house to paint instead of (fill in with your favorite fun time activity) I’ve given thought to making the switch.

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