Kerfing Plane Images

Note:  If you been directed here from another site looking for plans, I’m sorry.  There are are a lot of individuals out there representing other people’s work as theirs.  I’m not able to prevent this prevent this type of misrepresentation of my work.  Again I’m sorry.  Please don’t encourage by buying something from them.

I’m about to start shaping my Kerfing Plane and wanted some ideas for pleasing shapes.  Most of the photos below are from Tom’s site or the Bad Axe saw site (where I got to blade for my plane),  More photos of my plane as I progress.  But for now, here are some of Tom’s pictures.

2 thoughts on “Kerfing Plane Images”

  1. Did you make your own wooden screws? Or ?
    What did you use for the blade?
    Cut up one of your extra Bad Axe saws?

    1. Yes, I used the Wooden Thread cutter kit from Wood Craft –

      I also purchased the saw nuts and blade from Bad Axe Saws – see link above.

      I gasped a liitle when you suggested cutting up a Bad Axe saw. I’m sure I’d have some kinda ugly woodworking mob on my doorstep with chisels and hatchets rasied if I perform that kind of butchery to one of my saws. 😀

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