2 thoughts on “Kerfing Plane Images”

  1. Did you make your own wooden screws? Or ?
    What did you use for the blade?
    Cut up one of your extra Bad Axe saws?

    1. Yes, I used the Wooden Thread cutter kit from Wood Craft – http://www.woodcraft.com/product/2000792/2408/woodthreading-kit-34-x-6-tpi.aspx.

      I also purchased the saw nuts and blade from Bad Axe Saws – see link above.

      I gasped a liitle when you suggested cutting up a Bad Axe saw. I’m sure I’d have some kinda ugly woodworking mob on my doorstep with chisels and hatchets rasied if I perform that kind of butchery to one of my saws. 😀

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