I got big teeth

So it turns out that the panels for my TV Lift cabinet are just slightly too big to be resawn on my band saw.  I’ve been wanting to build the Roubo Frame saw for just such jobs soI built the 36″ version.

For a how to on building the saw, check out Shannon Roger’s Handtool School Semester 4.  Here’s Shannon using his 48″ saw.  I’ll do some photos of my resaw practise and final panel resaw next.

Pre-Toothed Blades: Blackburn Tools is now making blades with teeth already punched in a variety of widths and lengths.

Frame Saw Hardware

Saw Hardware Kit: available through Artisan Iron Designs.

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7 Responses to I got big teeth

  1. tombuhl says:

    Marilyn, your fearlessness impresses. Can’t wait to see pix of this saw in action.

  2. Bob Jones says:

    Nice work. May want to practice before kerfing your tv panels 🙂

  3. Jonathan says:


    That is really cool and looks fantastic. You did a great job. I’m guessing that it’s not going to fit in your saw till though.


  4. Nice job on the saw! They are fun to use.

  5. I love seeing these saws popping up everywhere. It is life changing! Looks beautiful Marilyn. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts as you get more time on the saw.

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