Inheriting Tools – Part 2 – Papers, a back saw and a brace

For now here is the best picture I have of Ernest Sarjeant’s apprentice / indenture papers.  Ernest’s apprenticeship was from 1892 to 1897 under William and Thomas Lock.

Hopefully, I’ll have a better copy soon because they’re pretty difficult to read.  You can make the picture bigger by right clicking on it and opening in a new tab.

Here are two of the tools I’ve finished cleaning.  They are ready for work.

7 thoughts on “Inheriting Tools – Part 2 – Papers, a back saw and a brace”

    1. Me too! I have some tools that I’ve rehabed but have no idea what history they have. It’s very exciting to know the story behind these as well as knowing they work well because he certainly used the heck out of them.

  1. I can understand giving the tools to somebody who will use them; personnally I would have kept the family archives.

      1. No, I understood it as a statement of your opinion. The tools I’m giving away are duplicates of ones I have and I’m not a collector.

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