Curly Maple Counter Top

So not much woodworking has transpired in the kitchen remodel .. lots of carpentry, but no real woodworking. But now I get to use some of my woodworking skills.

We’ll be installing a raised counter section intended for guests to sit behind while visiting.  This awesome piece of curly maple is going on top for folks to sit behind.

All I have to do now is clean up a smidgen of tear out, epoxy a few small holes, miter the two pieces together and finish it.  No problem .. right?  And yes, it’s heavy!

Where’d I get this fabulous 8/4 13″ wide board?  Northwest Timber, of course.  Those guys have an awesome stash and great service.

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4 Responses to Curly Maple Counter Top

  1. tombuhl says:

    I want to set at your new counter when I visit.
    Let me know when it is completed.

  2. You know…I just added a Home Improvement menu to my blog. It’s what the cool kids are doing these days if ‘ya dig. Oh, and the curly maple sure is purdy.

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