Kitchen Crown and a Final View of the Kitchen

Remember this? Way back when we started the Kitchen??  Well, I finally finished up the crown molding and we’re finally done.

Here’s a quick blow by blow on the jig and how I cut the larger angles.

And here are the final pics!

Curly Maple Counter Top

So not much woodworking has transpired in the kitchen remodel .. lots of carpentry, but no real woodworking. But now I get to use some of my woodworking skills.

We’ll be installing a raised counter section intended for guests to sit behind while visiting.  This awesome piece of curly maple is going on top for folks to sit behind.

All I have to do now is clean up a smidgen of tear out, epoxy a few small holes, miter the two pieces together and finish it.  No problem .. right?  And yes, it’s heavy!

Where’d I get this fabulous 8/4 13″ wide board?  Northwest Timber, of course.  Those guys have an awesome stash and great service.