Kitchen Crown and a Final View of the Kitchen

Remember this? Way back when we started the Kitchen??  Well, I finally finished up the crown molding and we’re finally done.

Here’s a quick blow by blow on the jig and how I cut the larger angles.

And here are the final pics!

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Crown and a Final View of the Kitchen”

  1. That looks really nice Marilyn. Great job. Since I am thinking about doing the same thing, I’d be interested in a lessons learned post.

  2. Thanks all!! The floor is Marmoleum. The biggest hang up on the project was the cabinets. We had a subcontractor make them and they’re beautiful, but he was 5 weeks late which really stretched out the project. Not sure what we could have done about that since I we in direct contact with the sub and actually visited his shop in person.

    That said, I’m very happy with how it all turned out.

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