Cutting boards for a friend

A friend of mine wanted to give a couple of cutting boards as gifts for Christmas.  So she purchased wood from Bell Forest and we followed plans from the Wood Whisperer to make them.  Here’s quick photo series on the build.

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4 Responses to Cutting boards for a friend

  1. Every time I see someone build one of these it reminds me of my first experience with Marc and some of my first projects. I just helped a new woodworker build one of these as well. It’s great to see the look on there face when the oil goes on the wood and they see the true beauty of woodworking.

    I haven’t tried flattening with the toothed blade before – do you think it helped? And did you sand it afterward or just leave the surface toothed?

  2. James says:

    These look great! I’ve made just some simple walnut chopping boards for christmas, really want to have a go at making an end grain chopping board in the new year. Did you use mineral oil to finish?

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