Painting the Windsor

I started painting my Windsor Chair that I finished up in my previous post.  I’m using Peter Galbert’s recipe from his book Chairmaker’s Notebook.  Basically I’m layering on Milk Paint.  If you wanna know all the secret tricks, you gotta buy the book.  Wanna a see a few of the images from his book .. take a look here.

Anyway here’s a few shots of the orange under cocoa.

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6 Responses to Painting the Windsor

  1. Catherine Thomas-Webster says:

    Beautiful. Quite an accomplishment.

  2. Alaska Woodworker says:

    That’s a great looking chair!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Great work, like the color scheme. After reading Pete’s excellent book, I’m sure a chair will be coming up sooner than later in the project list.

  4. Looking very nice! This book is on my short list. I need to finish reading a few others first.

  5. Bob Jones says:

    Very nice. Building a set?

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