5 thoughts on “Glamour Shots of the Windsor”

  1. Do you think you have what you need to make a full dining room set of 3 or 5 more? It seems so daunting to build a full set of chairs but I’m not sure if I’d just want one. Either way it looks fantastic; I’m just curious on what you plan to do with the chair and if you plan to make any more.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing.


    1. I think I can order what I need from http://windsorchairsbydan.com/ and I’m getting seat material left behind at Port Townsend by Pete. I’ll be making 5 more. Its been easier than I thought .. but not that easy to get material.

      And you’re right .. its kinda daunting.

      1. Sweet mother of pearl! That’s a great find of a site. I’m very much interested in seeing how sourcing the material works out. I gotta think it makes things a tad bit less daunting. Good luck on the next five.

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